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From the Creator/Director: Matia Karrell 


Why Your Participation Matters!

The power of storytelling can be seen in some of the most memorable miniseries and films: Band of Brothers (2001)Island at War (2004)Flags of our Fathers (2006)Days of Glory (2006)Red Tails (2012)Zero Dark Thirty (2012)American Sniper (2014).

Narrative storytelling can humanize a time in history that makes that era come alive. It is by experiencing the characters’ lives through their eyes that makes us cry, laugh, or even scream back at the screen. This is palpable storytelling. This is what we want for FLYGIRLS.

WASP V Formation in front of Bomber


Will be a groundbreaking miniseries of epic proportions, that will illustrate the world, the nation, and most importantly, the women and men who made this chapter in our country’s history possible. The contributions to our war effort were not made by a few or a select group but by both men and women across this nation and around the world. Many who have been forgotten or denied their rightful place in history will now be remembered.  


I began my research for FlyGirls. It's gone through many forms. First a film script - people told me no one would ever watch a film with only women - to a play performed in Provincetown, Cape Cod, which featured Bee Haydu, 44-7, making a grand entrance in her original uniform at the end - to what is now an Epic Miniseries.

We begin our story with the first 25 American women that Jackie Cochran recruited to go to England, to serve in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Having secured the rights to Pauline Gower's memoir, the woman who was in charge of the 'women's division' of the ATA, we have her firsthand accounts of what it was like. We are also obtaining the rights to Anne Wood Kelly's diaries, an account of her day-to-day life flying in the ATA. She was an American pilot who served as Jackie Cochran's second in command in the UK.

WASP women outside in flight gear

Additionally we have the rights to Byrd Granger's On Final Approach, which we credit in our trailer. Granger was a Women Airforce Service Pilot and later a college professor, who collected many of the documents that helped the WASP prove their military status in Congressional hearings during the 1970's. On Final Approach recounts the events of 1942-1945 on a daily basis.

Hangar with parade of WASP

Over the years of getting to know these women, attending reunions, memorials, the Gold Medal Ceremony, and truly getting to know them as friends, the sense of injustice I feel that the world doesn't know about them has carried me through all of the 'No's' these years. The sense of duty I feel to get their story told - in a way that is true to them - that propels me forward.